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Drouin – SE Gippsland Chipper Hire and Mulch Sales

Mulching of trees, branches and debris is an economical way to make top quality garden mulch.

Drouin tree services have powerful 18″ woodchippers with inbuilt winches and tip trucks with mulch bins available for hire. Enquire about short or long term hire to suit your needs.
We also do large scale landclearing with a 1200hp horizontal grinder feeding it with our excavator with log grab

Recent research into mulches has found that a chunky coarse mulch is better for your garden than a fine one, and the worst mulch out of wood products is the old 100% bark mulches.

The reason is that a chunky wood mulch allows the soil to breathe, allows water to easily penetrate through to the soil and doesn’t wick moisture from the soil. It’s the mulches job to reduce evaporation, shade the soil, suppress weeds, allow air circulation (as roots and soil need it) and decompose to add organic matter to the soil.

Mulch sales- If you aren’t having trees cut or trimmed but require mulch that’s OK, just contact us as we do sell it. It is a byproduct of our daily work.

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