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Mulching of trees, branches and debris is an economical way to make top quality garden mulch.

Drouin tree services have powerful 18″ woodchippers with inbuilt winches and tip trucks with mulch bins available for hire. Enquire about short or long term hire to suit your needs.
We also do large scale landclearing with a 1200hp horizontal grinder feeding it with our excavator with log grab

Recent research into mulches has found that a chunky coarse mulch is better for your garden than a fine one, and the worst mulch out of wood products is the old 100% bark mulches.

Chipper Hire and Mulch Sales

The reason is that a chunky wood mulch allows the soil to breathe, allows water to easily penetrate through to the soil and doesn’t wick moisture from the soil. It’s the mulches job to reduce evaporation, shade the soil, suppress weeds, allow air circulation (as roots and soil need it) and decompose to add organic matter to the soil.

Mulch sales- If you aren’t having trees cut or trimmed but require mulch that’s OK, just contact us as we do sell it. It is a byproduct of our land clearing services.

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The Surprisingly Complex World of the Mulching Service

It’s a funny word, isn’t it? Mulch. It kind of sounds like the noise it can make when you walk on it, but according to the dictionaries, it has something to do with Old English words meaning soft and also honey. Whatever, it’s a key element in not just the appearance of a patch of soil but its health too. At Drouin Tree Services you could say our mulching service is a by-product of our original work, but it is now an important part of what we do. There is more to mulch than meets the eye.

What Exactly is Mulch and why is it Good for a Garden?

The kind of mulch we are talking about is basically chipped wood which is applied to those soil patches, and it serves several purposes. It inhibits weed growth, because weeds need light and air to grow, just like plants which we don’t call weeds. So, cut off a weed’s life-support system and it can’t get going. The result is that they can’t extract any of the soil’s richness, the nutrients that good plants need. That means healthier soil and the only real sign of that is – hopefully – good-looking, plants flourishing in your yard. Whether they be flowers or vegetables, they’re what you want to see.

Mulch brings order to the area, preventing unwanted stuff from springing up all over the place, so that’s a visual, aesthetic benefit.

In addition to retaining the nutrients in the soil, mulch regulates its temperature. It acts as insulation and can mean a longer growing season. There is a further advantage to our mulcher services, and that comes from the fact that the wood itself decays and adds its own nutrients to the soil.

There are various types of mulch, from our top-of-the-range wood-based material to random garden debris like lawn mowings. And then there’s the man-made variety, the plastic sheeting that can do the job but looks ugly, contributes nothing of its own and somehow seems cruel.

The science of wood mulch – and there are always people thinking about these things and trying to understand and improve them – has shown in recent years that a chunky, coarse mulch is better than fine one, and the old 100% bark mulches, while being on the right lines, can cause problems of their own. A really good mulch allows the soil to breathe, lets rainwater in and doesn’t hijack the moisture itself.

What is a Mulcher Service All About?

From our point of view, there’s selling it and there’s making it, and we can do it for you or you can hire one of our powerful 18″ woodchippers with inbuilt winches and tip trucks with mulch bins. Short-term or long-term, if you’ve got plenty of trees, you may want us to do it, and we’ll gladly offer our essential tree services. The vast majority of people, take advantage of our experience and expertise. The fact that we make mulch all the time anyway means it is made properly and is available in its finished form, ready to apply to the soil.

How Can I Take Advantage of your Mulcher Services?

Simple. Give us a call and tell us what you need. Describe the area you want to mulch or where you’re site clearing and we’ll get right to work.

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Check out our Customer Reviews

Justin H'ren
Justin H'ren
May 25, 2024.
Highly recommend Drouin Tree Services, called for a quote, Jason came out the next day, we accepted their quote and the tree was taken out the following day !!! Fast and efficient and lovely people to deal with 😁
Robyn Dell'orso
Robyn Dell'orso
May 24, 2024.
Kyle and the team of Drouin tree services has done a excellent job of removing half of my massive Liquid amber tree, they were extremely helpful and friendly. The cutting down of the branches was amazing to watch and done without any problems, the clean up was brilliant so happy to have them do this work. I highly recommend drouin tree services for the professional work and care they took.
Jess Barr
Jess Barr
May 3, 2024.
The team did a great job. We had a massive cypress tree that was compromised they came out and quoted quickly and booked us in quickly. They took it down quickly and did a good clean job. They mulched the tree for us and put the rest on our burn pile nearly. Very happy with the job they did.
Samantha Allan
Samantha Allan
April 5, 2024.
Amazing service given by these guys. On time ! Professional in their work . Clean up is done so fast and efficiently. Certainly recommend this business.
March 15, 2024.
Jake and the guys did a fantastic job at my house removing 2 enormous trees. Cleaned up perfectly. Very nice respectful boys. I would call them out again for sure. Esther at Drouin. Have a great day.
Catherine Brady
Catherine Brady
March 1, 2024.
Great job the we were so pleased the work and will definitely get back again we have more work to do
William Smith
William Smith
February 20, 2024.
Great service from all. The onsite crew did a professional job and left the farm neat and tidy.
Danielle Harvey
Danielle Harvey
February 12, 2024.
Professional service, super communication and very competitive rates.
Tracey Olsson
Tracey Olsson
January 29, 2024.
Prompt and efficient

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