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Arborist reports for Development Planning and Council submission 

Depending on the stage of your project we can offer a range of arboricultural services to help you achieve the best outcome in regard to obtaining planning approval.

Our qualified consulting arborists (minimum AQF level 5) will undertake any project regardless of size, with a professional and understanding approach to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the planning process in accordance with AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites allows us to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties concerned. 

Our services include: 

Preliminary Tree Assessment 

Prior to the development design phase, a Preliminary Tree Assessment can be undertaken to assess and report on existing trees, including trees located outside of the subject property that may be impacted by future development. 

A Preliminary Tree Assessment will identify all trees relevant to the development process and include details on tree species, age, origin, dimensions, health, structure, significance, useful life expectancy, retention value, as well as Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) and Structural Root Zone (SRZ) dimensions.

The Preliminary Tree Assessment can identify and recommend strategies to minimise possible conflict that may arise in relation to individual trees which can save a significant amount of time, stress and money later in the design.

A Preliminary Tree Assessment may be used to accompany building or sub-division plans submitted to council for approval. Depending on the proposed design the Preliminary Tree Assessment may satisfy the planning requirements sort after by council with no further assessment of the trees required.

Tree Assessment & Development Impact Report 

Whether it be a large-scale development or a simple addition to the family home, council planners need to ensure that the Australian Standards AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites, are followed.  
A qualified arboricultural consultant with a minimum qualification of AQF level 5 may be required to complete a comprehensive arboricultural impact assessment in accordance with council regulations and AS 4970-2009. 

This level of assessment and reporting requires a good understanding of both construction techniques and tree physiology. This process involves good communication between the consulting arborist and other parties involved in the design and construction of the proposed development. 

We aim to work through this process with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome while upholding our relationship and reputation within local government agencies.  

Tree Protection Plans 

A detailed tree protection plan may accompany a Tree Assessment & Development Impact Report or may be requested separately. The objective of a Tree Protection Plan is to provide general tree protection and tree care requirements, along with specific and detailed instructions on the best management of protected trees specifically within the development project. 

Ensuring that retained trees are sufficiently protected and remain viable during, and post development is crucial to the final outcome of the project. The value trees add to the landscape is reflected in higher property values and the adequate protection of significant, protected or neighbouring trees will avoid the possibility of costly fines or disputes. 

Tree Risk Assessments 

Whether you are an owner or manager of a tree population, we can provide the level of tree risk assessment needed to fulfil your requirements. 

We provide tree risk assessments in a broad range of situations and land uses including;

  • Schools
  • Parks/Gardens
  • Caravan Parks 

All of our AQF level 5 arborists have extensive experience as working arborists providing them with a comprehensive understanding of tree defects and failures. This in-depth knowledge gained only through years of firsthand experience within the local area is crucial to the principles of Tree risk assessment. This however is only part of the tree risk assessment process and a thorough understanding of site use, target occupancy and consequence is fundamental to accurately calculating the risk posed by a tree.

As registered Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) users, our arborists provide tree risk assessments following a globally recognised methodology. The QTRA system allows the assessor to calculate a ‘Risk of Harm’ presented by a tree/branch that can then be measured against advisory thresholds.

Site Consultation  

If you prefer a face to face consultation aimed at providing informative and unbiased advice, our friendly, professional and down to earth arborists can arrange a site meeting to discuss a wide range of tree related matters. 

For a small fee we can provide invaluable recommendations on how to best manage and carry out tree related works within your property. This will allow you to make an informed decision that will reduce the unnecessary costs associated with poor tree management.

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