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Sennebogen 718E Tree Handler

If you have big trees to remove or prune, the Sennebogen tree handler is almost always the right machine for the job. It also handles with ease a variety of other jobs that include clearing embankments and paths, stump grinding and mulching, so it’s perfect for plenty of tasks.

The emphasis is on safety, efficiency and productivity so the machine gets through its work quickly and at the least possible cost. And, because it’s so flexible, it can generally handle most things without the need for other equipment so that saves time and money.

Flexibility with Complete Safety

Our Sennebogen 718 tree handler has a grapple saw fitted as standard so it can grab and cut trees then move the tree sections in one high speed operation. We can also fit it with a variety of attachments such as tree shears, a stump grinder, mulcher and mower. As a result, we can use the machine for a variety of tasks that include:

  • removing windblown and infested or infected trees
  • felling trees that are an obstruction or hazard
  • clearing roads and paths through forests
  • tree trimming in Gippsland
  • maintaining embankments
  • roadside tree and shrub maintenance.


Mechanical Tree Removal

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The powerful Euro 6 diesel engine uses the latest technology to enable high fuel efficiency, low emissions and a top speed of twenty kilometres per hour. It’s a lightweight vehicle that’s easy to transport and is equally as simple to operate with a sensitive and co-ordinated joystick for precise movements. The tree handler is built with safety in mind, with:
  • a 2.7 metre cab elevation with a thirty degree tilt that provides a six metre optimal view of the work area
  • a guarded cab with bullet-proof glass that protects the driver from flying or falling objects
  • a reach of 13 metres and working height of 15 metres combined with a swing radius of only 2.4 metres so it can be operated safely in confined spaces
  • a lift weight of one tonne, even at full reach
  • a virtual wall that can be set at a required distance, preventing the machine from swinging out into a road or other restricted space
  • an optional solid protective roof grille that guards against falling branches.
The machine also has sliding doors for easy entry and an air-cushioned, ergonomically optimised seat for comfort. For such a powerful machine, it’s remarkably quiet in operation so is suitable for use in residential areas.

An Adaptable Machine for Multiple Tasks

Our Sennebogen tree handler is so flexible, it’s probably the only machine we’ll need to use for our tree hedging services. And you can be sure it will be used properly, with a qualified tree surgeon or arborist in charge to ensure everything goes as it should do. We care for the environment and your trees are part of that. So they won’t be roughly hacked but will be trimmed or cut down correctly and safely. Our tree handler enables us to do that as well as plenty of other jobs it can deal with quickly and with ease. So, if you have any tree or ground clearing jobs that need doing, let us know and we’ll have the suitable staff and equipment for the job.

Check out our Customer Reviews

Justin H'ren
Justin H'ren
May 25, 2024.
Highly recommend Drouin Tree Services, called for a quote, Jason came out the next day, we accepted their quote and the tree was taken out the following day !!! Fast and efficient and lovely people to deal with 😁
Robyn Dell'orso
Robyn Dell'orso
May 24, 2024.
Kyle and the team of Drouin tree services has done a excellent job of removing half of my massive Liquid amber tree, they were extremely helpful and friendly. The cutting down of the branches was amazing to watch and done without any problems, the clean up was brilliant so happy to have them do this work. I highly recommend drouin tree services for the professional work and care they took.
Jess Barr
Jess Barr
May 3, 2024.
The team did a great job. We had a massive cypress tree that was compromised they came out and quoted quickly and booked us in quickly. They took it down quickly and did a good clean job. They mulched the tree for us and put the rest on our burn pile nearly. Very happy with the job they did.
Samantha Allan
Samantha Allan
April 5, 2024.
Amazing service given by these guys. On time ! Professional in their work . Clean up is done so fast and efficiently. Certainly recommend this business.
March 15, 2024.
Jake and the guys did a fantastic job at my house removing 2 enormous trees. Cleaned up perfectly. Very nice respectful boys. I would call them out again for sure. Esther at Drouin. Have a great day.
Catherine Brady
Catherine Brady
March 1, 2024.
Great job the we were so pleased the work and will definitely get back again we have more work to do
William Smith
William Smith
February 20, 2024.
Great service from all. The onsite crew did a professional job and left the farm neat and tidy.
Danielle Harvey
Danielle Harvey
February 12, 2024.
Professional service, super communication and very competitive rates.
Tracey Olsson
Tracey Olsson
January 29, 2024.
Prompt and efficient

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